Customer service.
Industry expertise.
Competitive pricing.

We’ve been in this business of secure, fast storage for over 30 years.

XStor was born out of its owner being in the data storage business for more than 30 years and seeing everyone push boxes, sales, and hardware, yet nobody focusing on the nuanced, genuine needs of creative and administrative teams of all sizes.

XStor focuses on crafting the best possible solution—not necessarily just the best, most expensive product.

While other companies are focused on their bottom-lines and profit margins, XStor is in the business of solving real problems that have real impacts on a company’s revenue and times to market.

In this industry, the customer has always been the one to conform to storage providers, but not the other way around. Well, that changes with XStor. We pride ourselves on being flexible and building a storage solution that is appropriate for your company, creative department, etc.